Meditating every morning became a super great way to start my day, however for 4 days I didn’t meditate, and I could really see day to day that I was slipping back into someone who I didn’t want to be, with each day I felt worse where my arms and hands were aching, as though they were holding in energy. Then, last night I had this dream where I saw myself meditating, and then I heard a voice say, “Meditate.”

This morning I woke up, and the first thing I did was smudge my entire body with sage and my area where I was going to sit and meditate. Oh, what bliss I felt after I meditated for 30 minutes. This load was lifted and I had clarity throughout the day, it’s like living in the moment without worries and I did the things that I had put off for days and weeks probably. Though, I wondered to myself – why did I put all these things off for such a long time.

Throughout the day, I realized I had slipped into old patterns of negative self-talk in my mind, irritated easily by every little thing like mosquito bites, a pile of dirty dishes, my kids running around the house screaming, a car filled with sand, chips, and dirt, a garden that needed tending to, annoyed at my man for not being here with us because he is on call at work and worse I started thinking of years past pain and trauma. I felt like I was going insane and maybe falling into depression.

Today, I cleaned my children’s pool filled it with fresh water, mowed the lawn, tended to my garden, put the dishes in the dishwasher, cleaned out my car and vacuumed every inch of it, limit my time on the phone and internet, and spent most of my day interacting with my children with no irritability with them just being kids, it’s okay to miss the man I love as it makes the heart grow fonder and finally no negative self-talk toward myself and toward others.

When people say, oh meditation does nothing for me because I tried it once or twice. Well, those people are using that excuse to not look at themself and continue on with the safe and comfortable negative patterns. If everyone in the world meditated, the world would certainly change for the greater ~ someone once said that when meditating you connect with Creator, but I say, “Connecting with the Universe.”

Everything in the Universe, when you connect this way you connect with everything, everyone, and all that there is. Meditation changed my life, it changed my energy or vibration however you want to see it. I know meditation can save your life and heal your life. It did mine. Meditation takes you to a higher consciousness. To the higher you – the higher being that you truly are.

Written By: Diane Maytwayashing (July 4, 2014)

Photo Credit: Diane Maytwayashing